5 Reasons To Include Desi Organic Gur In Your Daily Diet

Does your grandfather often end his meal with Jaggery? Is your little sister so fond of eating gur after dinner? Do you wonder why they do so? Have you ever tasted it? If no then you surely will after reading this article.

Jaggery or organic gur is a heavenly sweet which is very popular not only for its taste but enormous health-enhancing benefits. It is largely made of raw and concentrated sugarcane juice which is boiled and solidified to form organic gur. In addition, it can also be made from coconut sap and date palm. It is a very popular part of the Asian staple diet, especially in India and Pakistan.

Nutritional value of organic jaggery

20 grams of organic jaggery contains;

  • 38 calories
  • 9.8 grams carbohydrates
  • 9.7 grams sugar
  • 0.01 grams protein
jaggery nutrition facts
Calories in jaggery (Amount per 100gm)

Also, it contains many essential minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B12, B6, etc. Most importantly, it has no traces of fat and can easily be added to your daily diet. Since the sugar content of organic gur is similar to that of white sugar thus diabetic patients must consume it carefully. 

Benefits of Desi Gur / Jaggery

Here we present some of the amazing health benefits of organic gur which will compel you to include it in your daily diet. So, let’s begin.  

1. Good for weight loss     

Jaggery and weight loss is a surprising but incredible combination. People often believe that since it is sweet and sugary, it may promote weight gain. However, organic-gur, being rich in nutrients, facilitates speedy digestion, flushes out corporal toxins, and aids weight loss. It cleanses your blood, maintains the electrolyte balance, and improves your metabolism. All these benefits make organic-gur a good option for effective weight loss.

2. Prevents respiratory problems

Organic-gur is one of the most beneficial solutions for people with respiratory tract issues. For instance, it is good against problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. People with respiratory problems are recommended to consume organic-gur or Jaggery along with sesame seeds. It is an ideal combination for treating respiratory issues.     

3. Desi Gur Controls blood pressure

Organic gur has a significant amount of potassium and sodium in it. It helps to maintain the level of acid in the body and maintains normal blood pressure. Therefore, if somebody suffers from high or low blood pressure, organic gur can be a good solution. Also, it is a great source of long-lasting energy. Being unrefined, it doesn’t elevate your blood sugar level and can be good for both blood sugar and pressure.           

4. Desi Gur Relieves menstrual pain

If you experience excessive menstrual cramps, organic gur is your go-to sweet. It is one of the most effective natural remedies to ease menstrual pain. Also, it alleviates your frustration and mood swings before and after periods. Also, organic gur helps to release endorphins that help to relax your body and pacify pain and cramps.   

5. Aids purification and detoxification

Consuming Jaggery after meals has cleansing effects on your body. It helps remove unwanted particles from different organs like the intestines, lungs, respiratory tract, food pipe, and stomach. Most importantly, organic gur aids detoxification of the liver. It flushes out harmful toxins aiding detoxification and eases suffering from liver diseases.      

Desi gur is a blissful sweet with a vast variety of health benefits. However, to avail of all these benefits, you must buy genuine organic gur from a reliable vendor. To ease your search we suggest you visit Organicgur.com. They have a fine variety of organic jaggery which no added chemicals and an all-natural and healthy formula!