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If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to ordinary sugar for sweetening, cooking and baking, you are going to love our naturally delicious, mineral-rich, Desi Gur. Our organic gur made from the extracted juice of naturally grown sugarcane, produced to form a gorgeous, rich, healthy sweetener that has been used in traditional diets in Pakistan and other countries for centuries. Buy organic jaggery online.Read more
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If you are looking for cheap unhealthy food products, then this is not a place for you. Our products are made from premium quality locally sourced ingredients, prepared with utmost care. So Yes, we don’t compromise on quality of our products and hope our customer won’t too and is why our products are little expensive. Quality comes at a cost.

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Good Food gives Good Mood & Good Mood Gives Health & Wealth.

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High Quality

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Pure Hand Made Jaggery / Gur

Our gur / jaggery are 100% organic with fresh and best quality ingredients which are all sourced from nature.

organic gur


Vitamin C - 120mg
Vitamin B1 - 250mg
Canxi - 13mg


Vitamin C - 120mg
Vitamin B1 - 250mg
Canxi - 13mg


Vitamin C - 120mg
Vitamin B1 - 250mg
Canxi - 13mg

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Organic Jaggery

Jaggery, unlike white sugar, contains rich molasses and trace minerals naturally present in sugar cane juice. This is what gives it such a complex, bright, fruity flavor beyond just being sweet! The color of traditionally-made, chemical-free jaggery ranges from golden to dark brown.

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benefits of desi gur

5 Reasons To Include Desi Organic Gur In Your Daily Diet

Does your grandfather often end his meal with Jaggery? Is your little sister so fond of eating gur after dinner? Do you wonder why they do so? Have you ever tasted it? If no then you surely will after reading this article. Jaggery or organic gur is a heavenly sweet which is very popular not […]